I Vasi Dietro La Grata

Art by Guido Borelli


Imagine turning a corner and chancing upon this spectacular little front door grotto. Pots and vases line every inch of space, marking the home for a brilliant display of life in an otherwise whitewashed and sun-bleached landscape. The archway of leaves over the wooden door is an especially lovely touch.

© Exclusively licensed art by: Guido Borelli
Full drill size: 80 x 60cm (31.5’’ x 23.6’’)
Diamonds: Round with 55 colors including 5 AB
Pro level with 76,800 diamonds

Full Drill means the canvas is covered entirely with diamonds from corner to corner of the artwork. Our designers manually hand map each image for supreme colour accuracy and detail.

Dreamer Designs carries 2 diamond shapes, square or round.

Our premium 2.5mm resin square diamonds with 13 or 9 surface cuts reflect light for an ultra shiny effect. Square diamonds are the perfect option for those who want the fullest representation of their artwork. Although placing them down requires more precision, square’s benefit from fitting edge-to-edge. With no canvas showing through, they help provide a complete mosaic effect.

Our premium 2.8mm resin round diamonds with 26 surface cuts (double compared to competitors) shimmer like no other! Round diamonds are generally preferred by beginners, as they are easier and faster to pick up and place on the canvas.

The Aurora Borealis (AB) drills are our premium option. We use them as accents to create a glow effect across your finished painting. These iridescent drills have a special coating that simulates the colours of the Northern Lights.

Each Diamond Canvas Kit caters to different levels of diamond painters. Some prefer smaller, more beginner friendly designs where as some prefer larger, more complex designs. This is the beauty of diamond painting - we have kits well suited for all levels!

Beginner: Kid-friendly with more solid colour blocking. Sizes usually range between 30x30cm - 40x40cm.

Intermediate: More colours and some “confetti” areas. Sizes usually range between 40x30cm - 60x40cm.

Pro: Lots of colours with heavy “confetti” areas. Sizes usually range from 60x40cm and above.

Confetti: This term is used to describe an area of a diamond painting where there are many different colours. These can seem random and chaotic (like confetti) up close, but when viewed from a distance often help to add depth, detail, and shading to the picture.

Our version 1 kits include:

  • Polyester canvas
  • Pre-sorted diamond pieces
  • 2 Stylus pens with multiple head options
  • White diamond tray
  • 2 Wax caddies
  • Black diamond tweezers
  • Extra zip lock baggies
  • Instructional guide

Our version 2 kits now have a new canvas material, symbols, reusable packaging and an upgraded tool kit.

What’s Inside A Diamond Canvas Kit™?

Our Kits Include Everything You Need!

Diamond Canvas Kit Includes:
  • Silky-Soft Dreamer Cloud Canvas ™
  • Presorted Eco-Friendly Resin Diamond
  • Extra Zip Lock Bags
  • DMC Storage Stickers
  • Reusable Tool Kit Bag
  • Diamond Straightener Tool
  • 2 Stylus Pens
  • 3 And 6 Placer
  • 2 Wax Caddies
  • Diamond Tweezer
  • Reusable Carry Bag
  • Instructions

The Dreamer Difference

A look inside what makes Dreamer Designs - Diamond Canvas Kits in a league of its own

Dreamer Cloud Canvas

Our canvases are made of a luxurious polyester cloth that is silky-soft to touch and lays perfectly flat ready for you to diamond paint.

Premium Resin Diamonds

Our eco-friendly resin diamonds are bright and vibrant, will never fade and are guaranteed to stay on your canvas for life!

Dream-tech Adhesive

Never worry about diamonds falling off your canvas again! We use a poured glue method that is engineered for easy application and long lasting hold.

Eco-Friendly Re-usable packaging

Reducing plastic use wherever we can is extremely important to Dreamer Designs. Newly added are our reusable canvas carry bag and a reusable tool kit bag!

HD Symbol Printing

Each diamond has a corresponding DMC and a symbol. We use a labour intensive technique for printing that translates original artwork into easy to read, clear symbols ready for diamonds!