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Diamond Canvas Kits are an amazing DIY craft where you can create stunning designs using tiny diamond-like pieces. Similar to cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers, diamond painting is the new creative hobby the whole crafting world is raving about!

The process of picking up the diamonds and placing them onto the adhesive canvas is easy, relaxing, and perfect for stress relief!

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The highest quality Diamond Canvas Kits™ in the world, period.

We curate and manufacture our Diamond Canvas Kits™ based directly on the feedback of our customers. From the canvas material to our tool kits and packaging, every kit is made with unmatched quality and backed by our 100% Happiness Guarantee.

The Sparkliest Diamonds

Soft Fabric Canvases

100% Happiness Guarantee


Proud to support our
partnered artists.

Dreamer Designs prides itself on being the bridge between our artists and the Diamond Painting Community. We legally license our designs from world renowned artists, so you can be proud to frame and hang your masterpiece for many years to come!


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