Forgotten Memories

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A mysterious ornate bench beckons from a colourful forest in this canvas design entitled Forgotten Memories. Diamond paint the amber sunlight beaming through this secret magical forest. Observe the lush vines beautifully overgrown on the forgotten bench amongst glowing shades of violet, emerald and fuchsia. A bounty of bright wildflowers rise up amidst the pretty pink butterflies in this place where memories have been created. This calming, dreamy scene seeks to recapture memories forgotten, but not lost.


  • Legally licensed art by Ann Marie Bone
  • 100% Woven polyester canvas
  • Premium Dream-tech™ adhesive
  • Full drill canvas (diamonds cover entire area)
  • 2.5mm Square drill diamonds with guaranteed sparkle
  • Ships from USA
  • 22 Diamond colours for this design

    Diamond Canvas Kit™ Contents:

    • Colour printed canvas - 100% woven polyester
    • Pre sorted diamond pieces
    • Tool kit including accessories (2 stylus pens with additional 3/6 head options, 2 wax caddies, 2 foam grips, white tray, black tweezers, extra zip lock baggies)
    • Instructional guide in 12 languages (EN, FR, ES, DE, NL, RU, PT, IT, AR, TL, ZH, and HI)

    Every purchase includes:

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