Gifting your Diamond Paintings

March 15, 2019

Gifting your Diamond Paintings

How poignant it is to receive a gift where you can feel the thoughtfulness and love pour out from it. When someone has taken the time to present you with a heartfelt and personalized gift, there is no better way to be told ‘I love you’.

And how enjoyable it is to give a gift that you have poured such thoughtfulness and love into? Isn’t there no better feeling that sharing your talent and passion for diamond paintings with others? Perhaps you can inspire them or simply you can just brighten their day, as your day was brightened by doing and sharing it.

Gifting a diamond painting can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. And you don’t need to finish a canvas to give it away; giving a new canvas as a gift is an invitation to join a warm, open and friendly community. Who knows? You may sow the seeds to a blossoming giant that changes the lives for the better of many.

We have many designs that will appeal to all different tastes. Intensely beautiful nature scenes full of vivid, popping colors, funky Von Gogh editions of the modern day meme ‘grumpy cat’. From famous landmarks to striking wild animals, the artist in you can find inspiration from every one of our recognized artists. 

Take inspiration from the home of the person you wish to gift a diamond painting to. Perhaps they have a beach-themed bathroom, where the designs ‘point sur sunrise’, ‘capitola beach’ or ‘carmel tide pools’ would fit in beautifully. Keep an eye out for what they post on social media. Are they crazy about their pets and post numerous photos of that furry friend all the time? An animal themed diamond painting would be a perfect gift that keeps them inspired and motivated to continue.

There are so many pretty in pink designs available such as our ‘forgotten memories’, ‘twisted blossom’ or ‘never saw golden gate’ designs. But we also have gender neutral designs as well, because men can enjoy diamond paintings too! Take a look at the ‘forest of Nisene Marks’, which sets a beautiful scene for the outdoor enthusiast, or the ever popular ‘corgi nights’, which fuse Van Gogh with corgi cuteness.

Add a cute poem (we have an example below) to write inside a card and frame your finished piece. You can frame your diamond painting with old frames that you have picked up from a thrift store and either cut to fit your diamond painting or decorated to become a piece of art all in itself. Check out our live stream all about framing your finished diamond painting or get some great resource tips here in this blog.

Or simply gift wrap the professional Dreamer Designs box that is stuffed with hours of health, heart and soulful benefits. What better gift can you give someone you care about?

We thought we would give you a list of reasons why you may wish to gift a diamond painting kit to someone you know. There are probably as many reasons as there are diamonds to a kit! But we have selected a few to get you going:

Why Would I Give A Finished Diamond Painting As A Gift?

  1. It shows that you have worked hard on something for them.
  2. They can hang it on their wall and appreciate it.
  3. Framing your finished diamond painting can be explained here. Going the extra step to finish your work will give you a complete sense of satisfaction
  4. An act of kindness such as this has a positive effect on you. Dr. David Hamilton has researched the effects of kindness and concluded that it can slow ageing by reducing inflammation in the body, benefits the heart by producing oxytocin and best of all, it’s contagious!

Why Would I Give A New Diamond Painting As A Gift?

  1. A new diamond painting kit is a great gift for people who have anxiety, stress or depression. It is also very beneficial for people who are lonely or need to exercise their creativity and mental abilities.
  2. It is a gift that people can use and get hours of entertainment from.
  3. Dreamer Designs diamond painting kits are exceptionally high quality, so if you know that your loved one already enjoys crafts such as these, a top end brand can be a very welcome gift.
  4. There are handles on the box making for easy transportation and you can easily wrap a bow around it.

The ultimate gift of love and health, a diamond painting kit is certainly more than just hours of enjoyment from a craft.  Whether you choose to give a finished diamond painting as a gift or present a loved one with the opportunity to do it themselves, it is surely a gift to be treasured and loved for many years to come.


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