Artist Spotlight

Dreamer Designs is proud to have our Artist Spotlight page shine on our Dream Team of talented and unique artists from around the world. We take great pride in hand-selecting each design to transform with our Diamond Canvas Kits™. Each designer not only has a special talent for creating fabulous designs, but also the ability to spark positive vibes, a sense of calmness and inspiration in each design to let our imaginations run wild!

ALI Corti

Marcello Corti (b.1961) also known as ALi Corti is an artist from Bergamo, Italy. Creativity runs in Corti’s family and he comes from a long line of sculptors, poets and painters. With a background in graphic design, Corti returned to his true passion of painting in 2006.
Corti has since established himself as a prolific painter, with his images appearing on household items, gifts and stationery. He uses digital painting techniques, with painterly brushstrokes to create scenes of different occasions throughout the year. His Christmas-themed work has been featured on puzzles, books and calendars for brands such as Reader's Digest America and Gibsons.

Abraham Hunter

With wildlife and history being Abraham Hunter’s favorite subjects to draw, you will often find a blending of the two, as he incorporates cute critters into his illustrated stories.
Hunter enjoys expressing his longing for a perfect world in his images through depictions of peaceful homesteads, villages, wildlife, and faith. If his art puts a smile on someone’s face as they step into his oil and acrylic paintings, he says his life behind the easel has been worth it.
An entirely self-taught artist who has been selling his paintings from the age of 12 to support his family, Hunter is now an award-winning artist with a brilliant career ahead of him.

Adrian Chesterman

Adrian Chesterman (b.1955) has mastered nearly all areas of the arts. He is a prolific fine art painter, illustrator and digital artist. He has painted portraits for royalty around the world, as well as serving his time as a graphic designer, lecturer and gallerist.
Chesterman started out by studying at prestigious U.K. colleges, including the Royal College of Art, London. In a career that spans over 50 years, Chesterman has worked for some of the biggest names in the industry. Stephen Spielburg, DC comics, Nintendo Games and Rolls Royce are to name a few. He’s also exhibited with galleries worldwide, including the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Madison Gallery in Los Angeles.
Chesterman’s artwork is as broad as his skill-set, but hyperrealism is a constant. His artwork is breathtakingly detailed, bringing to life fantasy worlds, faraway scenes and figures.

Alan Giana

Alan Giana was born and raised in Connecticut. At the young age of four, he grabbed a magic marker and scribbled on the wall with it. His parents were not happy but his career was set in motion!
Alan’s father is an accomplished ceramic artist and is a big influence to his artwork. Alan went on to study graphic design and business management in college. He then started his own illustration and design company in the early 1990’s. Through the years, Alan’s popular scenic style have appeared on book covers, magazines, children’s games, music CD’s and in several books.
Now, over fifty companies across the United States, Canada and Europe are licensing his beautiful paintings.

Alissa Kari

Alissa has always been intrigued with the finer details found in flowers when studying them closely, firstly taking macro photographs with her first digital camera before eventually wanting to capture such detail with a paintbrush.
Whilst working towards a business degree, Alissa joined a drawing class that brought forth many artistic possibilities for her. It wasn’t until she decided to leave her path working in various customer service and sales roles that she didn’t enjoy and pursue her talent full time did she discover the opportunities that awaited her.
Starting a small business in Jun 2018 has been a momentous goal and she is thankful to continue doing what she loves.

Alixandra Mullins

Alixandra Mullins is an artist and children’s illustrator based in Santa Cruz, California. She has been working professionally for over 20 years as an artist and digital arts educator. Packing a punch of colour, Mullins’ work has appeared on greeting cards, puzzles and in children’s books.
Mullins combines traditional and digital media in her unique style. She often begins her artwork in traditional media like watercolour, before embellishing them with digital painting tools. Mullins’ work is a collage of rich, saturated colours and dreamy scenes of animals and fantasy creatures. Her artwork is a treasure chest of life, which when opened, is flooded with flowers, butterflies and wildlife.

Andrew Farley

Andrew Farley, whose artistic talent emerged at a young age, honed his painting skills during his time at Kingston University College of Art, and upon graduation, embarked on a remarkable journey creating artwork for album sleeves at EMI Records, featuring renowned figures from the realms of pop and jazz.
With a career that led him to become one of Europe's foremost commercial illustrators while working at Meiklejohn Studios, Andrew now operates from his studio in the picturesque South of England. His artistic focus centers on the creation of captivating works that seamlessly blend photographic realism with elements of romantic fantasy, resulting in a unique and evocative artistic expression.

Ann Marie Bone

Ann Marie Bone specializes in painting landscapes with vibrant colors using oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media. She lives in Dovedale in the beautiful Peak District of Derbyshire, with her husband David and their five children. Most of her paintings are inspired by scenic surrounding areas of the UK, although they tend to come from her imagination.
Having survived breast cancer after being diagnosed in late 2014, Ann Marie has found more significance in her artwork than ever before. With many people commenting on her impressions looking ‘heavenly’ due to her unique relationship with color and light, her intention to create an uplifting and positive atmosphere for herself and her viewers comes across clearly.

Barbara Felisky

Barbara Rosbe Felisky is known for her rich impressionist paintings of gardens and landscapes. She frequently travels, and this has proven to be a strong source of inspiration to her. Each year, she seeks out a new place to absorb its atmosphere, explore, and photograph, whether it be Provence, Tuscany, Californian vineyards, or the English countryside.
She uses a rich palette to capture the vibrancy of flowers and shrubs while invoking the intensity of her setting of choice by drawing her viewers deep into the space she has created.
Born in Chicago, Illinois, Felisky now resides in Southern California, painting daily at her studio. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Education from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Bigelow Illustrations

This down-to-earth freelance artist simply enjoys producing quality creations without the glamor of the spotlight that comes with it.
Chris Bigelow of Bigelow Illustrations loves to experiment with mediums and designs and enjoys learning from others. Under the direction of his clients, he has the capacity to approach things differently and learn new skills.
Always looking to improve and discover even more talents, Bigelow is now concentrating his efforts on his art, and we can expect more big things to come.

Bridget Voth

Bridget Voth was inspired from an early age to create art. Influenced by her Grandfather, she began painting scenes of nature and wildlife from her Louisiana surroundings. As an adult, Voth mastered her painting skills and continues to work with traditional media, including watercolour, gouache and acrylics.
Voth’s artwork is filled with cheerful scenes of animals and landscapes. Her art often depicts charming and humorous animals at play in soft, serene colours. In Voth’s artwork, you might encounter a kitten drinking tea or a hedgehog skating on ice. Discover her artwork below!

Carolyn Steele

Originally from England, Carolyn Steele is now based in Florida, where she creates bright and vibrant tropical wildlife images that are inspired by her treks to islands in the Caribbean.
Her talent runs in the family with her father being a talented artist. Carolyn herself first began drawing as a toddler.
Using her unique and fresh perspective, she is able to inspire others on reef and ocean conservation. She injects humour into her work and hopes to create masterpieces that are enjoyed by all. Snorkelling gave her a glimpse at the diversity of life in the underwater world and with her colourful recreations, she allows others to experience it too.

Celebrate Life Gallery

Celebrate Life Gallery was born out of Debra and Dave Vanderlaan's lifelong passion for photography, which they wholeheartedly pursued after selling their floral and plant nursery businesses, evolving into acclaimed photographers both domestically and internationally.
Their photographic artistry captures the essence of stunning landscapes in South Florida, the grandeur of the Great Smoky Mountains, and picturesque scenes from around the globe, all under the guiding mantra of "Celebrate Life," with their work gracing prestigious venues like the Smithsonian Museum and finding homes in private collections across the world.

Ciro Marchetti

Ciro Marchetti is an award-winning, international artist. Born in Italy and raised in the UK, he completed his art education in London before working across Europe, South America and the U.S. Alongside managing his graphic design agency, Marchetti also lectured in Graphics at the NDI, Venezuela and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
A masterful digital artist and illustrator of over 40yrs, Marchetti’s work is intertwined with the mystical realms. It’s richly inspired by the zodiac, fantasy and steampunk. Amplified by opulent colours and celestial forms, viewing Marchetti’s artwork is a mesmerizing experience.
Marchetti is best known for his tarot decks, a series that began with a commission from Llewellyn Publications. He has since published many successful tarot decks, including ‘The Gilded Tarot’, ‘The Tarot of Dreams’ and ‘The Legacy of the Divine Tarot’. Check out his work below!

Chris Hiett

Chris Hiett was born in the UK and has been painting for many years. His background is in graphic design and illustration, having worked in advertising and publishing before turning to painting. Hiett’s work now features mostly on products including puzzles, prints and homeware.
Hiett’s paintings use wildlife and fantasy as their inspiration. Using lighting techniques in line with masters like Caravaggio, Hiett constructs images filled with drama and suspense. His scenes range between thrilling glimpses of panthers or crocodiles ready to pounce, or breathtaking landscapes that sweep the horizon. Hiett’s paintings are exotic getaways, grounded in a hyperrealistic style. Discover his work below!

Dan Craig

Born in 1957 in Mankato, Minnesota, Daniel Craig embarked on his artistic journey at the age of 20 when he enrolled in formal art education at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where he wholeheartedly devoted himself to the realms of painting and drawing.
Inspired by his deep admiration for the Old Masters, Daniel developed a distinctive painting style he aptly describes as "Natural Idealism." In his artwork, he crafts a world that straddles the line between reality and the ethereal, where forms attain perfection, light radiates with enchantment, yet all remains firmly tethered to our own realm of reality, creating a space that is both captivating and mesmerizing.

David Galchutt

David’s primary focus in his expansive career in illustration is in the children’s industry, mainly for toy companies and publishing. He has illustrated a children’s book and is now working as a designer in the giftware industry.
Growing up in an artistic environment, Galchutt can fondly remember the moment he decided to become an artist one day in kindergarten when drawing trees that were not quite like any of the other children’s.
He is comfortable working with both watercolour and oils, creating a varied collection of animal and human subjects full of fine detail that keeps the viewer’s attention for extended periods of time, regardless of their age.

David Maclean

David Maclean is a digital artist known for creating resplendent scenes of cities and landscapes. Maclean has been in the business of art all his life, owning and operating galleries for 26 years before dedicating himself to art full-time.
Now painting for almost 40 years, Maclean’s artworks are dreamy snapshots from around the world. They’re filled with carefree animals, quaint homes and serene sunsets. It’s no wonder that to Maclean, his art is a place for him to be ‘lost in a world of dreams’. You, too, can find an escape to many ethereal places through Maclean’s paintings. Discover his work in the links below!

Dean Russo

Dean Russo, a Brooklyn-based artist, expresses his passion for art and animals through vibrant Pop Art creations, using bold abstract patterns and striking colors to give voice to his beloved subjects.
Studying graphic design and fine arts at the School of Visual Arts and Pratt Institute, Dean initially focused on celebrity portraits. However, his greatest inspiration came from his two Cocker Spaniels, leading him to paint primarily dogs, particularly pit bulls, challenging stereotypes and supporting animal rescue causes. Dean Russo Art Studio is dedicated to animal welfare, actively participating in charity events and fundraising efforts, conveying the care and devotion of animal lovers worldwide.

Debbi Wetzel

Debbi Wetzel's studio in the Green Mountains of Vermont offers a year-round view of small village life and countryside beauty, which inspire her art characterized by bold colors and intricate details, from hanging quilts to trick-or-treat parades.
In a creative journey that spans decades, Debbi has explored various mediums, including acrylics, and unique canvases such as Vermont roofing shingle slate, antique boxes, and furniture, ultimately finding her expressive voice on canvas originals.

Dominic Davison

Born in London, Dominic Davison now lives in Buckinghamshire where he is consistently inspired for his picturesque and romantic scenes that he creates. Dominic is known for painting cottages, manor houses and colonial houses in both England and America where his love for architecture and the countryside are piqued.
As he is fond of travel, scenes of Southern France, Italy and Spain can be enjoyed, among other detailed and fascinating scenes.
His worldwide following has been expanding for many years since when he was a freelance artist before joining MGL.

Ivan Guaderrama

Ivan Guaderrama, a visionary artist from Chihuahua, Mexico, embarked on his creative journey in 2005 by opening his art gallery, setting the stage for his remarkable career.
Following his heart, he ventured to Los Cabos in 2013, a transformative location where he embraced Christianity, an experience that reshaped his life and art forever.
His newfound faith drove him to channel his boundless energy and artistic prowess into conveying messages of love, hope, and faith, guiding him towards pioneering innovative forms of interactive and immersive art.

Geno Peoples

Geno Peoples is a self-taught painter and author from Panama City, Florida. Peoples owes his impressive paintings to a gene that, each generation, blesses the eldest child of the family with artistic talent. He works with traditional media, mainly oil paints.
Exquisitely detailed, Peoples’ paintings are realistic visions of landscapes, wildlife and domestic life in the U.S. His work draws on the rich tradition of Americana, often painting scenes of log cabins and rusting trucks or herds of deer before a hunt. Peoples’ rich colours and crisp lines create a heart-warming atmosphere to all of his work.
Alongside painting, Peoples also works as a patient and dedicated art educator. He also frequently supports the Covenant Hospice, by donating an artwork each year for auction. Discover his work below!

Guido Borelli

Guido Borelli da Caluso is an Italian painter born in Caluso in 1952. He comes from an artistic background, and his family always encouraged him to develop his talent even in his early childhood.
Holding his first exhibition at the age of 17 at Ars Plauda Gallery in Turin, his journey continued from there with exhibitions around the world. After graduating high school, he received his artistic training at the Accademia Alberta in Turin. Today, he has permanent exhibitions in art galleries in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.
Borelli is a true lover of nature and of anything gentle. His painting technique, usually in oil, is influenced by the Italian realistic style. He uses nature as the focal point of the Italian landscapes, homes, and villas that he has stored away in his memory and modified to suit his personal tastes as he recreates them.

Hello Angel

Angela Van Dam, also known as ‘Hello Angel’ is an illustrator from New Zealand. Working with traditional media like inks and acrylics, her art is intricately detailed. She has produced over 13 best-selling colouring books, ranging in themes from ‘Mindfulness’ to ‘Jungle Safari’.
Van Dam’s style is inspired by the mandala, she often creates expressive takes on these ancient symbols. The complex detail that Van Dam uses to create her mandala is brought forward into lyrical scenes of animals, nature and inspirational quotes. Van Dam’s artwork vibrates with colour and is brimming with life. Discover her work below!

Jan Patrik Krasny

Jan Patrik Krasny (b. 1955) is a Czech artist, dedicated to creating sci-fi and fantasy art. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Krasny worked as an illustrator for several Czech magazines and newspapers. He has created over 400 cover illustrations for publishers in the Czech Republic and abroad.
Krasny’s artwork is strikingly detailed and vibrant. After many years of using oils, he now uses digital techniques to craft sprawling utopias. Krasny creates surreal images of wildlife and fantasy creatures, emerging from mundane locations. You might find a safari overflowing in a living room, or dinosaur toys coming to life in Krasny’s artwork.
Krasny’s art brings the magic back into everyday life. Step into his world and find more of his art below.

Jane Maday

Born in England and raised in the United States, Jane Maday has been a professional artist since she was 14 years old, when she began her career as a scientific illustrator for the University of Florida. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from the Ringling College of Art and Design, she accepted a job with Hallmark Cards, Inc., designing and painting greeting cards.
Her scientific background has allowed her to infuse realism into her creations, with her work adorning some 25 children’s books as well as an array of puzzles, plates, ornaments, t-shirts, and so much more.
She and her husband live in beautiful Colorado with their two children.

Jeff Hoff

Jeff Hoff, currently based in Jamestown, North Dakota, finds inspiration in his home state's natural beauty, allowing him to closely research and study the wildlife he paints.
His initial focus on ducks, thanks to North Dakota's central location in the migratory paths of waterfowl species, gave him firsthand insights. Beyond ducks, Jeff's artistry extends to grizzly bears, black bears, elk, moose, and vibrant songbirds, all of which he observes extensively, infusing his artwork with a deep understanding of his subjects.

Jean Guillet

Jean Guillet is from the USA and specializes in comics, landscapes, and nature designs. Her online artist alias, Chateau Grief, is a tribute to the San Francisco Bay Area’s enchanting and unique culture.
In addition to this rich comic storyline teeming with symbolism, followers of Jean’s are enthralled by her other masterpieces that seemingly both mimic reality and hold an edge of surrealism. Her inspiration often comes from intriguing historical facts, hinting at her constant eagerness to keep learning and growing.
Find her amazing designs through her social media channels below!

Jenny Newland

Jenny Newland is a traditional artist with over 20 years of experience. Within her artwork, she uses a specialized method of combining acrylic painting with airbrushing, which she created herself. Newland’s paintings combine realism with a cheerful burst of colour.
Newland’s paintings are heavily inspired by her upbringing in Arizona and the many animals who now fill her family home. Her artwork is filled with many farmyard animals and woodland critters. Newland is a talented artist, with a big heart. She has kindly donated her artwork to many organizations, including churches, community schools and animal charities like the SPCA and Defenders of Wildlife.

Jody Bergsma

Jody Bergsma, a versatile artist, began her career by selling charming children's illustrations at Northwest art shows to support her education, leading to a diverse and extensive body of work.
Her self-taught watercolor technique reflects her engineering background, infusing her compositions with mathematical and geometric elements that harmonize seamlessly with her imaginative inner visions, resulting in a truly unique style.
Through her ongoing studies and deep respect for ancient cultures, Jody Bergsma has incorporated aboriginal, native, and geometric symbols into her art, serving as a conduit that reconnects these historical images with our modern culture and highlights their enduring significance.

John Clark

John Clark started painting pastels in 1985. Two years later, he moved to the Cayman Islands with his family which inspired his artwork to another level. The colours of the Caribbean, the turquoise sea and vivid pink bougainvillea stimulated his artistic senses and soon became the focal point in his pieces.
The Cayman crowd quickly took notice and John was heavily in demand for art exhibitions and group shows, winning several awards.
John now lives in England and focuses on acrylic style paintings.

Julie Filipenko

Julie Filipenko lives and works in Tel Aviv, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.
Her portraits are generally of adolescent girls that emanate an idealized innocence. They exist in brightly-colored worlds of Filipenko’s creation, which are often patterned with flower motifs and constellations of the solar system.
You will find an animal accompaniment alongside each human figure, with an overwhelming impression of curiosity about them that draws the viewer in and makes them eager to learn more.

Kajenna Art

Kajenna Art, an artist hailing from Ukraine, embarked on a lifelong artistic journey, beginning with early sketches of hares and horses, eventually leading to studies in chemistry at the University of Chemical Technology. Despite her academic path, she found herself drawn to the creative world, crafting drawings on canvases used for clothing production. Later, she ventured into the realm of children's clothing, where her artistic touch graced various prints and promotional materials. Now, fully committed to her passion, she has left her job to pursue art from the comfort of her home studio, complementing her creative endeavors with bike rides and extensive travel experiences.

Kurtis Rykovich

Kurtis Rykovich’s creatures are full of allure, his graceful subjects embody both the darkness and the light. Often his muses are accompanied by some kind of symbolic spirit creature which he explains is meant to blur the line between who influences who in the relationship.
Kurtis enjoys going to antique and used stores on the hunt for inspiration and when he isn’t painting, he tries to keep his mind free, which he admits isn’t easy.
He obtained his MFA at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Lewis Johnson

Born in the U.S, Lewis Johnson began his art career after graduating from the Tyler School of Art, Pennsylvania. He worked as a designer and illustrator for numerous companies, before eventually started his own freelance studio in 1994.
Johnson’s style is versatile, easily shifting from stylized, 50s-inspired posters to stained-glass images to hyperrealistic landscapes. The most eye-catching of Johnson’s work, is his kaleidoscopic cat series. These paintings, feature carefully seated cats with minute details of flowers, jewels or paisley patterns cascading over their coats. Visually unique, these cats are a treat to look at. Johnson’s artwork has featured on greeting cards, children’s books, puzzles and many more. Find more of his work below!

Lucie Bilodeau

As soon as Bilodeau could hold a pencil, she began spending a great amount of her time drawing.
Her inspiration comes from growing up with many different pets and having a big wild field as a playground. She also draws her creativity from her trips to Montana, a photo safari in Africa, and visits to zoos and butterfly farms.
Bilodeau hopes her artwork contributes to creating a world where we are more in tune with nature, a world without war, and one in which we care, love, and respect each other.


Makiko is an illustrator, born in Nagoya, Japan. Her illustrations for greeting cards and children’s publishing span a career of over 25 years. She is currently based in Belgium with her husband and son. Makiko works with a blend of traditional and digital painting techniques, favouring the soft tones of watercolour the most.
Makiko’s artwork is inspired by her personal love of animals and nature, which she uses to convey emotions and meaning. Her style is gentle and uplifting, with an air of whimsical joy that accompanies all of her characters. Her paintings always feature a smile, whether on the faces of children, animals or folklore creatures. Their happiness is contagious. Find more of her work below!

Macneil Studio

The Macneil Studio was founded in 2009 by artist Richard Macneil, his wife and his two sons. Championing Richard Macneil’s painting and illustration, The Macneil Studio has worked to share Macneil’s artwork across the world.
Richard Macneil is a self-taught artist from the U.K. He has worked across fine art painting, sculpture and graphic design. Having previously run a successful sculpture company in the U.S, he is currently based in Worcestershire, U.k. with his family.
Macneil specializes in artwork for card designs, homeware and paper products. His paintings use warm brushstrokes in the style of impressionism to create carefree and gestural images. His artwork features charming scenes for all occasions.

Michael Humphries

Michael’s passion to become an artist began as a youngster growing up in Tampa, Florida. Michael knew his destiny was to draw and paint, and when his family moved to Long Beach, California, his artistic abilities blossomed. Throughout high school, Michael sought every opportunity to observe nature and create art.
He is fascinated by what makes up the American landscape, whether it be a big red barn, a farmhouse, or a dilapidated wooden garden bench. The understated and overlooked details found in nature and in mundane, everyday objects are, to Michael, the most beautiful of essences to capture.

Mikey Bergman

Mikey Bergman, the creative force behind FaiRYTaiLS, merges the realms of fantasy artwork and storytelling by harnessing AI technologies. The project's core purpose is to breathe life into people's imagination through captivating artwork and to kindle inspiration in their souls through enchanting stories.

Nicky Boehme

Nicky Boehme (b.1958) is an award-winning artist and native of California. She began her artistic career at the Oakland Institute of Art, California before going on to be an Art Director for several ad agencies. Boehme is an member of the Oil Painters of America and the National Society of Marine Artists. She works with traditional media, creating paintings with warm colours and a soft glow.
Boehme is known for her quaint scenes of homes and cities, as well as dramatic depictions of seascapes. Her paintings range from cosy Italian street cafes, to terrific ships lost at sea, emphasizing the breadth of her artistic skill. Boehme’s artwork captures the intricacies of life and are reminders of the beauty in everyday life. Discover her work below!

Ray Heere

Ray Heere, a contemporary digital artist from the Netherlands, embarked on his artistic journey in 1984 with the graphics software Koala Painter on the Commodore 64 computer, experimenting with digital pixels and colors at a young age.
Growing up in a creative family and receiving his first commissioned work in 1991, Ray's career as an artist took flight, and he made significant strides in 3D design and digital art during his years as a designer and illustrator in the advertising and publishing industry from 1998 to 2002. Over the last 25 years, he has focused on 3D architectural design and contemporary digital art, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence software to explore new creative horizons and further develop his artistic expression.

Regan Kubecek

Born in Australia, Regan has been creating all her life. As a true drawing addict, she has developed her skills throughout the years and is recognized for her amazing fantasy art.
She uses her favorite mediums of pencil, watercolor, pen and ink, and acrylics to create her cartoon-esque portraits, either for commission or for her own collections. She has a strong following and is authentic and honest with her development both as an artist and as a person.
Enter her world of whimsy and magic to discover her fairies, mermaids, witches, and other beautiful creatures.

Richard Burns

Richard Burns’ love for nature shines through in his acrylic artworks, and he often uses wildlife paintings to support various charities and funds that protect the environment and endangered species.
Also fascinated by the architectural beauty of classic American homes, he portrays an extensive repertoire of lighthouses and cottages that are set in certain seasons or times of day, allowing him to experiment with the mood-altering presence of light.
The powerful emotional impact that his scenes depict is a result of Burns’ unique ability to combine vibrant realism with his impulsive, creative painting process.


RomantzArt is the creative outlet of Sarena Mantz, a wife and a mother of four incredible children, whose ages span from 12 to 26, providing her with a wide and vibrant perspective.
Sarena's journey in the world of creativity has been diverse, ranging from jewelry making to body painting. In recent years, as her youngest child gained independence, she wholeheartedly embraced her passion for art, exploring both traditional mediums and the exciting realm of new technologies, always eager to embark on the adventures that the ever-evolving art world offers.

Romi Lerda

Romi Lerda (b.1977) has been making art since she was a child in Argentina. A mostly self-taught painter, her background is in jewelry and fashion design. She has created over 2,000 artworks and currently lives in Buenos Aires with her two children.
Lerda is inspired by the many influential women in her life, including her mother, aunts and daughter. It’s no surprise then, that her artwork is filled with portraits of women. Her paintings feature women from famous figures like Frieda Khalo to mothers and children.
Her painting ‘Ni Una Menos’ (Not One Less) became the face of anti-femicide protests online in 2016. With their large, captivating eyes and intense colours, Lerda’s unique style captures the breadth of being a woman. Discover her work below!

Ruth Sanderson

Ruth Sanderson's illustrious career spans over 45 years, during which she has created art for book covers, greeting cards, coloring books, collector's plates, puzzles, and other products, along with illustrating more than 90 children's books.
Her distinctive style, firmly rooted in the genre of Imaginative Realism, is renowned for its evocative and enchanting imagery, featuring fairies, fairy tales, iconic Christmas Santas, Angels, Nativity scenes, and picturesque winter landscapes filled with snowmen, covered bridges, and mailboxes overflowing with holiday cards.

Robert Finale

Robert Finale's art flows from a deep passion and talent for capturing the beauty in humankind and nature, blending impressionistic romance and realistic beauty in historic settings.
Fleeing communist-ruled Cuba at a young age, Robert Finale's journey to becoming an acclaimed artist is a testament to his resilience and determination.
His art, rooted in childhood sketches and brought to life on canvas, serves as a universal language that communicates with individuals, tapping into their emotions and understanding of life's journey.

R.J. McDonald

Ralph J. McDonald, an internationally acclaimed artist, initially gained recognition for his wildlife art before venturing into Santa Claus paintings, drawing inspiration from admired artists like Haddon Sundblom, Norman Rockwell, and N.C. Wyeth.
After formal training in illustration at the Harris School of Advertising Art in Nashville, Tennessee, Ralph began his career in advertising and later illustrated religious publications. His artistic contributions extended to painting state symbols for governors of Tennessee and South Carolina. His wildlife art, recognized by Ducks Unlimited, has raised millions for conservation and supported FFA student scholarships, earning him a spot in the "Legends of the Outdoor National Hall of Fame" in 2006.

Sandra Trubin

Sandra has reveled in a lifelong love of all kinds of visual media, finding inspiration in almost anything that crosses her path, whether it be an idea of her own, something in nature, or simply a combination of colors
Beginning her education with a certificate in Visual Communication and Graphic Design in Tel Aviv, she furthered her studies in Canada with a certification in Fine Arts and Advanced Painting.
Her artwork is an imaginative process of creating bright abstract and figurative pieces that explore the intricate interplay between color and shape. Sandra produces many commissioned pieces of her clients’ beloved pets, bringing them to life in vivid and playful shades.


A little girl, once discouraged by her initial uninspired art attempts, had her passion for creativity rekindled years later, driven by her mother's memory and guidance. Her mother's magical transformation of a mundane blue sky into a vibrant sunset using a paintbrush as a wand remained etched in her memory, even after her mother's passing. Determined to learn and grow, the little girl, now known as Mindy Sommers, returned to art with an unwavering commitment to honing her craft. She embarked on a journey to expand her artistic horizons, ultimately founding the well-known Sasha brand.

Sheena Pike

After almost 7 years away from illustration, to work as a graphic designer, Sheena Pike returned to her true passion. Pike is a self-taught artist, based in Canada with her two daughters. She works with digital and traditional media, excelling with coloured pencils and pastels.
Pike’s art is a vivid, magical world filled with fantastical creatures. Her subjects include surreal depictions of animals and people. She is best known for her ‘Lil Dragonz’ series, a best-selling series of whimsical dragons. With large glowing eyes and colourful scales, Pike’s ‘Lil Dragonz’ have warmed hearts around the world. Discover her work below!

Steve Crisp

Taking his first commission at the age of 12, Steve Crisp (b.1955) has had a prolific career as an artist, illustrator and photographer. Crisp was born in Kent, England and graduated from St Martins School of Art, London.
His career spans over 35 years, working across the film industry, publishing and advertising. Previous high-standing projects include 11 book covers for Stephen King, film posters for ‘ALIEN’ and DVD covers for ‘Carrie’ and ‘Mad Max’.
Crisp creates art by combining traditional and digital techniques, marrying his decades-long knowledge of painting skills with new technologies. His work is expertly detailed, with Crisp devising his images from inspiration around him. His subjects range from portraits to fantasy scenes to quaint landscapes. Crisp’s keen use of lighting, creates elements of drama or serenity in all his images.

Susan McKivergan

Susan McKivergan is a self-taught digital artist and a devoted stay-at-home mother of three beautiful children who has been nurturing her artistic talents since an early age, exploring various traditional mediums such as drawing, design, painting, ceramics, and photography.
Her artistic journey led her to become proficient in digital tools like Adobe Photoshop CS6, Paint Shop Pro 8, and Poser Pro 2012, complemented by her Wacom Intuos 5 graphics tablet, with ongoing learning in 3D modeling.
Susan not only creates captivating images but also offers digital artist resources, textures, tutorials, and more through her online shop. Despite having completed two years of study towards a Fine Arts degree at St. Petersburg College in Florida, she aspires to eventually obtain a degree in graphic arts.

Susan Rios

Based in Southern California, Susan Rios (b.1950) is a painter with a sensitive touch. Rios is attuned to the visual plays of light and colour in her surroundings, which follow through to her paintings. She works in traditional media and is inspired by the impressionist movement, specifically the colours and brushwork of Claude Monet.
Rios’ paintings follow a similar style, capturing the fleeting beauty of everyday life in equally delicate tones. Her paintings are peaceful and evocative, with flowers being a recurring motif in her work, stemming from her early career as a florist. Rios now divides her time between her family, painting and teaching.

Tanya Bond

Tanya Bond is a contemporary artist. She creates her work in the beautiful Irish Midlands, surrounded by endless inspiration of enchanting landscapes of the Emerald Isle.
In her work Tanya strives to depict emotion and hopes to invite the viewer's imagination into untold stories of her ethereal characters.
Tanya has been working as a professional artist for the past 17 years. In 2015 Tanya published an oracle deck called Duality Deck and shortly after - her first colouring book "INKLINGS", followed by many other books that are now enjoyed by colourists all around the world.

Tricia Reilly-Matthews

Tricia Reilly-Matthews captures the charming innocence of children and the cute comfort of furry pets in her sweet and nostalgic imagery that pop with color and detail.
Her luscious pastels of angelic children have appeared on many greeting cards, children’s magazines, and over 100 jigsaw puzzles. Her Unicef imagery earned her worldwide recognition, and her “Angels Among Us” illustration was turned into a mural at MetLife Stadium to honor COVID-19 first responders.
Tricia attended Parson’s School of Design, later receiving a master’s degree in illustration from the College of New Rochelle. She is a retired K-5 art teacher and remains forever inspired by the children she taught and from years of watching her son Christopher grow. She also finds inspiration from her faith, family, and friends.

Viktor Shvaiko

Born in Altai, one of Russia's most remote and off-the-beaten-track towns, Viktor Shvaiko's natural inclination for fine arts led him to the Novoaltaisk Artistic School, one of the top institutions for the arts in the former Soviet Union, where he acquired the skills of a true artist, heavily influenced by 19th-century Russian artist Karl Brynllow and his teacher, Ilbek Khairoullinov.
After mastering the traditional academic style of painting and focusing on the beautiful Altai landscapes, Viktor Shvaiko moved to Transkarpathia, Ukraine, where he fell in love with the picturesque countryside, holding exhibitions in the region. Frustrated by Russian bureaucracy, he escaped to Italy during the civil war, selling his paintings on the streets of Rome, eventually returning to Russia and then immigrating to America, where he developed his signature style of painting charming cafes and intimate settings that have captured the hearts of collectors worldwide.

William Vanderdasson

With an illustrious career spanning three decades, William Vanderdasson has earned acclaim as a prominent illustrator, particularly in the realm of Sports Art. His exceptional renditions of golf matches and car races have garnered global recognition and hold prized positions in collections worldwide.
William's artistic versatility shines through in his ability to capture the essence of scenic landscapes, wildlife, and sporting moments with equal mastery. His illustrations have found widespread appeal, adorning various products such as greeting cards and wrapping paper, where they have met with resounding success.

Wil Cormier

Wil Cormier's artistic journey began with a natural talent for painting, nurtured during his youth while working alongside his Marine Biochemistry Professor father, sparking his lifelong passion for marine life.
Graduating from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in 1983, Wil Cormier embarked on a career in illustration, honing his craft through studies of human anatomy and live figure drawing, contributing iconic movie poster illustrations to Hollywood blockbusters and earning recognition in the entertainment industry.
His illustrious career included accolades from the World Science Fiction Association and a presence in esteemed collections through channels like Sotheby's in New York. Today, he continues to explore his artistic journey with captivating series like "Mermaids of the World" and a tribute to Mel Fisher's underwater treasures.


Taylor Adam, also known as Wumples, rekindled his artistic passion in December 2021, leaving behind his career as a fiber optic cable technician to embrace the world of contemporary art, leveraging cutting-edge image generation tools and photo manipulation techniques.
With a background in traditional graphic design and an innate talent for infusing his work with bold and vibrant colors, wumples' unique style has quickly garnered attention on Instagram, signaling the beginning of an exciting chapter in his artistic journey.