The Trick to our Dream-tech™ Adhesive

The Trick to our Dream-tech™ Adhesive

When it comes to any craft project such as a diamond painting, or even a cross stitch pattern or a mosaic, we ask you, what is the most important aspect that you look for in your design templates? It doesn’t matter how careful you are with your application, how long you spend organizing your pieces or how clean your workspace is, we feel that if your template isn’t sound, if it isn’t of the best possible quality, then the end result may not be as great as it can be and we want you to produce the best work that you possibly can!

This is why we find it so important to provide you with our specially formulated Dream-tech adhesive, which is actually liquid glue that is poured on top of the design, which never spills over the edges. Other brands simply use a double sided tape that can cause air bubbles, resulting in drills that sit oddly and can pop out. Diamond painting is all about placing diamonds onto a canvas, so shouldn’t our main focus be on providing you with the best possible adhesive available?

You absolutely deserve the best of the best. Diamond paintings benefit us by creating that positive mindset that is so important to our health and wellbeing.  They help us with depression and anxiety by relieving us of mental and physical stress. Our tolerance and patience improves as we steadily work towards our end goal and fine motor skills are honed and exacted.

Diane has just bought a canvas from Dreamer Designs. When it arrives and she unpacks it, she finds that she can see the entire canvas in all of its glory thanks to the clear cover that we use to protect the sticky adhesive. She gets excited for what she will produce in the coming weeks and cannot wait to get started. As she peels back a corner of the clear protective cover, she confidently gets to work applying diamonds into her canvas. She relaxes into her craft and hours slip by as she meditatively sticks diamonds to canvas.

Conversely, Diane’s friend Susan has bought another canvas from a different company and unfortunately her canvas was folded, so there are crease marks all throughout her adhesive. She has done a little research and knows this will make her diamonds not sit correctly on the canvas, so she goes through and slices through the creased adhesive areas with a craft knife to release the air. She didn’t even think about the adhesive extending past the design and no matter how careful she is, she keeps getting her jersey stuck to the edge, pulling lint and fibers onto the canvas. She begins to feel frustrated and exhausted from the whole exercise, she simply wants to drift off into that crafter’s paradise, but instead she feels she is fighting every step of the way!

Who would you rather be in this scenario? Many of you have told us that you love our attention to detail so that you don’t have to think about all those potential probabilities and you can simply focus on making that masterpiece.

Let us look over what we have discussed today. We here at Dreamer Designs use our Dream-tech™ adhesive - a specially formulated super sticky glue that we pour on top of every one of our designs. This glue is well contained and should never extend past the design. Since we roll our canvases for delivery and because the glue is poured and not simply applied there is a minimal risk of any of those pesky air bubbles that can cause unsightly lumps and bumps to your finished diamond painting. We cover our canvas with a clear plastic film allowing you to see the design in its entirety.

Competing brands only use a double sided tape that can lose its stick over time. Air bubbles are also a big problem, especially when the canvas is folded when sent out to you. If the adhesive extends past the design, you may end up with an unsightly border of fluff, lint and fibers unless you take preventative steps in the beginning.

We go the extra mile to make sure you can enjoy every minute of your diamond painting and since the glue is one of the main components of a diamond painting, we have spent a lot of time formulating the best glue applied in the cleanest and neatest way available on the market today. Treat yourself to the best you can and get that true, positive diamond painting experience you know and have heard about. 

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Dreamer Designs

Dreamer Designs

@Rhonda, all of our Diamond Canvas Kits have the Dream-tech adhesive:) You can check out all of our designs on our site:

@Rose, thank you so much for your kind words and can’t wait for you to try ours out:)



Where can one purchase Dream-tech adhesive?



I have one now but no yours… I’m a little disappointed with mine it came from china… Next time I will be buying from your company… Everything sounds great.. And yes the glue is very important.. On the one I’m doing now everything slides out of place…

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