The Amazon Myth

The Amazon Myth

In the fast paced, oftentimes materialistic and consumer driven age of today, we have to admit to ourselves that we don’t always know the authenticity of the products that we purchase. I believe we are all individually without blame in this and have the best intentions at heart, but due to the sheer volume of consumers and the competition between many businesses, things can get a little lost in translation.

We here at Dreamer Designs use legally licensed designs from real artists around the world. These artists are always credited and celebrated for their amazing talents. Anyone can sell products through Amazon and although we understand that business is business, we believe it is better to be transparent in what you are selling.

Amazon is a major corporation that is really well trusted, and for good reason. But many of us have come to learn the hard way that there is an all-encompassing myth that every Amazon listed and boxed product is a reputable Amazon product.

We are potentially being tricked when buying products that turn out to be not exactly what they say they are, simply because we do not know how these marketplaces work.

Drop-shipping is a term you may have heard floating around recently. It is a term used for selling a product from another store under the alias of a different name. In other words, many people list products from other websites or other marketplaces like AliExpress on another site like Amazon.

It is great to market your product in as many areas as you can and this is a totally legal procedure to do, but the exact same product can be a higher price simply because it is marketed to a different audience.

So therefore, Amazon can be a reselling platform for drop-shippers or even AliExpress vendors. Companies can warehouse their Chinese produced diamond painting kits in Amazon for easier delivery or to benefit from the reputable name that Amazon holds. Your diamond painting kit can be shipped in an Amazon box, leading you to believe that it is a US produced or Amazon product but it is not owned by Amazon and still remains that of these offshore AliExpress vendors or drop-shippers.

There is some risk then that some of these designs that make it on to the Amazon platform may not be legally licensed images.

Isn’t it time we moved beyond all this false advertising and secretive marketing ploys that leave us a little disappointed or even downright shocked when our product arrives? If we genuinely believe that we are buying a legalized and legitimate product but later find out it an offshore company uses Amazon as a marketing tool, we are entitled to feel betrayed.

It is not uncommon to hunt around Amazon and find a diamond painting that you believe to be an authentic Amazon product due to misleading photos and packaging. You trust you are getting a different and respectable product rather than the ‘cheap and nasty’ alternatives available on different marketplace websites. 

Can’t we begin to move into a more transparent age where we can all make informed decisions about our purchases? We hope at Dreamer Designs that we can lead the charge in a movement of knowledgeable, informed consumers.

Thank you to all of the amazing artists that make our diamond paintings a cut above the rest. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Dreamer Designs!


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Dreamer Designs

Dreamer Designs

@patricia, you’re right and for a global giant like Amazon, it’s tough for them to monitor these things but we are here just to lay out the facts so that customers are better informed:) In fact, by choosing Amazon Prime, that still doesn’t mean you’re getting a product that is from a US seller/legally licensed design. Prime guarantees fast delivery which is great, but that product itself still had a high chance that it was imported from a cheap Aliexpress supplier.

Patricia Waszkiewicz

Patricia Waszkiewicz

I don’t think it’s fair to globally blame There is a way to avoid the “drop ship” nightmare and that is to select “Prime” as a search criteria (whether you subscribe to prime or not). I have not had any problems buying DPs from Amazon using this feature. What I object strongly to is private vendors who claim that their orders “ship from USA” but only a select few of their products actually do and the lion’s share of their product offerings ship directly from China. As a new “artist,” I ordered my first two paintings from one of these private vendors and waited for what I felt was forever. It took five (5) weeks for my kits to arrive. In that time, I had already received and completed three (3) kits from

Kathleen Deckard

Kathleen Deckard

I agree with you 100% but as a retired person on a fixed income the more expensive, while you do get what you pay for, kits are to expensive for someone like me to purchase. I do wish you luck with your business. Many happy years to you.

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