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Static Diamonds - A Common Diamond Paint Frustration

Static Diamonds - A Common Diamond Paint Frustration

A common complaint amongst diamond painters is that tricky little problem that arises when diamonds jump around the tray as you are trying to pick them up with your tool, or most frustratingly, the struggle to pour the diamonds into their storage solutions.

This is caused by static electricity and it can be extremely frustrating because it can hinder our concentration, our peace of mind and our flow at times. We all love to get lost in the moment as we enjoy our artwork so it is bracing to know that a solution can be found.

We have done a lot of research on static electricity in order to understand why this happens and we have come up with several solutions that might be a welcome end to your problem.

We also want to thank those who have shared all of your tips and tricks hidden up your sleeves as well. Or is having no sleeves actually going to help? Read on to see!

Why does static electricity happen?

On a molecular level; in which we have to look in order to understand this concept, static electricity is essentially an imbalance of positive and negative charges. It occurs when electrons move from one atom to another, causing a neutral charge to become either positive or negative. This happens all the time and more often when things rub together, just like our diamonds in the tray.

We know that opposites attract don’t we? Well it is the same for positive and negative charges. Atoms with the same charge; negative and negative or positive and positive, will in turn, repel each other.

So, when our diamonds are jumping all around it is because the electrons have flown away somewhere and the things with the same charge are pushed away from each other.

Most people find that this happens when pouring out the diamonds into separate storage bags or compartments for easy storage. The diamonds literally fly all over the show or stick to the sides of the bags as if they have a life of their own.

What is so interesting is that some diamond painters struggle with it all the time and others have never had a problem. So what can we do about it?

Solutions to Static Diamonds

Different solutions work for different people so we have arranged to guide you through a few of our tried and tested solutions to diamonds that are affected by static electricity.

  1. S.O.S Dryer Sheets

Anti-static dryer sheets are a common solution to removing static throughout your home by effectively providing a positive charge to balance out the over abundance of electrons. Your diamond painting diamonds are no exception to this rule.

    1. Place a dryer sheet on your static charged diamonds
    2. Cover fully and rub if necessary to ensure full coverage of all sides of the diamonds
    3. Your diamonds should have neutral charge again.
  1. Freezing your diamonds

Freezing your diamonds seems to be a popular solution, and the reason for this is because you are increasing the humidity of the environment which balances out the charge

    1. Place diamonds in a container
    2. Place in the freezer for a short while
    3. Your diamonds should have neutral charge again.
  1. Spritzing your diamonds

Another solution following the previous example is to lightly spray your diamonds with water. The increase in humidity should reduce the static charge

    1. Move your diamonds away from your canvas to ensure this does not get wet
    2. Lightly spray your diamonds with water, do not saturate as you do not want to damage your canvas by using wet diamonds
    3. Your diamonds should have neutral charge again and should be easy to move around.
  1. Remove long sleeves or pullovers

A solution to potentially use in conjunction with another, by removing a material that is liable to rub and pull electrons from another atom or give electrons away will reduce the likelihood of static occurring.

Whatever your solution, understanding how static electricity works enables you to work your way around the problem and combat it head on. Share your thoughts with us on how you have managed to make your diamond painting experiences better by removing that annoying static charge on your diamonds!

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I’ve had them stuck together more like a “glued stuck” than static. Tried Using a small container with coin inside which did not work and also tried rubbing between thumb and finger which didn’t work. Any other things I can try?

Jane sewell

Jane sewell

Hi. I recently brought a Diamond Dot of a full picture of a cats face for my husband. The problem with is that the dots do not stick to the canvas and they move around if pushed they also reattached to the pink pen.

Karen Sisson

Karen Sisson

Love the previous comments about how to eliminate static. I especially like the idea of cutting little pieces of dryer sheets. 😎



I been using softener beads

Lisa Petska

Lisa Petska

I cut up the dryer sheets into a size that will fit each container. This helps alot

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