Large Diamond Paint Canvas Hacks

Large Diamond Paint Canvas Hacks

Working with large diamond paintings can be tricky when space is limited. It’s especially important to make sure that you are enjoying the process (and avoiding frustration) since large diamond paintings can take 30+ hours to complete! Here is a few tricks you can use to stay organized and keep your space optimized for diamond paint sessions you will fully enjoy!

Work Space

Brand Ambassador Nataliya sits at her computer desk so that she can enjoy diamond painting while watching her favourite YouTubers. The problem is that her space at this desk is limited. The monitor takes up a lot of room and therefore working with large sized canvases can be tricky. Her tip: roll half of your canvas up and secure it with clothespins or clips to optimize space!

PS This is a great way to maximize your space throughout each room! For example with this trick you can use tabletops as small as a dinner sized folding table in your living room!

Painting Strategy

Working with large canvases means that at times, large portions of your adhesive will be exposed as you work by colour. If you need to access tricky spots (like the centre of your canvas) we suggest using parchment paper to temporarily cover the exposed glue portions. Parchment paper is also a great place to rest your hand while accessing those tricky spots. This will extend the strength of the adhesive and help it maintain its stickiness.


Storing large canvases can also become an issue if space in your home is limited. A great way to optimize space is by rolling the canvas up. Just remember to roll it with the diamonds facing outwards so that they do not squish up against each other. Another great storage solution is to hang them up on pant hangers and place them in your closet.

Difficulty Level

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting larger diamond paintings is the shape of the drills. It’s important to note that round diamonds are generally easier to work with. This is important to realize so that you don’t become disappointed with the difficulty level of a large, square, diamond painting. We always suggest starting with our small size before graduating to a larger canvas especially if you are used to working on round diamond paintings.

Also keep in mind the features in your paintings design. Areas of confetti on a large diamond painting can take much more time to complete. This enhances the difficulty level of your diamond painting as well. To figure out how much confetti a diamond painting has, simply look for areas where there is an explosion of different colours. Confetti is common amongst areas of florals - in gardens or blossoming trees for instance.

End Goal

Our 40x50 diamond paintings are quite large. It is important to think of what you will be doing with it upon completion. We strongly encourage you to hang up these beautiful paintings in your home - but this requires adequate wall space. Look around your home to envision where you will place this large painting. Perhaps above your fireplace?

Another option is to gift a large diamond painting if you do not have enough storage space in your home.

We hope that these tips and tricks help you in your journey completing a large diamond painting masterpiece! It is quite an achievement to complete one of our 40x50cm Full Drill - Square Diamond Paintings! These tips are a great way to maintain the motivation to work 30+ hours frustration free! We know you will feel so proud of your finished result. Comment down below what your process is while working on a large painting!


Check out Nataliya’s video here: “Large Diamond Paint Canvas Hacks"

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Tara Baxter

Tara Baxter

I have a diamond painting I just finished and can’t find a frame to fit it would love to hang it up.Design size is 16.5×14.6 fabric size 19.7x 17.7 do I need to cut it down cut the color guide off or what should I do?

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