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DP Addiction: Budgeting and Expense Management

DP Addiction: Budgeting and Expense Management

We all know that feeling of excitement  of getting out our credit cards to place an order online, the anticipation of waiting for our package to arrive and then inevitably the adrenaline rush of opening it all up. It courses through us and the joy continues to last while we place those diamonds down one by one, or three by three.

However, sometimes this experiences isn’t as rewarding the whole way through. Speed-bumps of creased canvases or subpar quality orders can get in the way of you fully enjoying the process. Disappointment from your canvases not meeting expectations results in a feeling of wasted energy and worse, wasted cash!

It’s not always easy to talk finances but todays post is all about quality over quantity when managing our diamond painting addictions. Online shopping can give us that adrenaline rush but its important to be mindful of our choices. So many of us get caught up in the excitement of choosing the designs that we don’t take the time to check the size or type of painting it is - full or partial? Big or small? Box or bag packaging? Often times these important details are not even listed on bargain shopping sites!

We want to support our dreamers in their passion no matter where they purchase. So here are some tips to be a little more conscious and aware of where you’re spending your dollars.

The Diamond Painting ‘Collection’ Confusion….

There are tens if not hundreds of facebook groups in the diamond painting community. We’ve seen it so many times; “My stash is getting huge!” Or “How will I get through all of these paintings?!” - A result of online shopping sprees and a build up of unfinished or never started canvases.

We understand how easy it is to ‘add to cart’ when the diamond paintings are such a bargain on sites like aliexpress, but how often are you actually completing those $2 canvases? Are you enjoying the process? Do you spend more time trying to flatten the canvas than actually working on it?

If your collection is collecting dust, it may be time to consider your intentions behind your impulse DP purchases.

Time IS Money.

We are finding that not only are most of those $2 canvases small sizes, but they are also partial diamond paintings meaning they are done in 10-20 minutes. This is a fleeting instant gratification and a big contrast to a larger sized canvas that takes days or weeks (sometimes months) to finish! Simple math can tell us that 30-40 hours of diamond painting for $40 is a much better deal!

Shipping times is also a factor when it comes to where you purchase your canvases. A lot of the time, when we purchase canvases that take 4+ weeks to arrive, by the time they arrive to our doorstep we have forgotten what they even are! Not only that but oftentimes, we aren’t as excited about the designs themselves anymore.

It's the journey not the destination…

Do you feel better when you wear quality fabrics then when you put on that 10$ t-shirt? For me, I feel a million times more luxe and confident when I choose a well designed and quality article of clothing. Well, the same goes for the experience of working on a quality canvas. You can feel the difference with our 100% woven polyester canvas, quality poured glue and blindingly sparkly diamonds. When you don’t have to stop to clean dirty drills or fix air bubbles in your canvas, the process is seamless and feels decadent.

Be proud of QUALITY.

The wow factor of a Dreamer Designs diamond painting hanging up in your home is significant. Your guests see the stunning and sparkling magic behind your painting and it’s a feeling of pride that just can’t be beat. This experience is definitely worth the extra dollar.

We hope that these considerations help to manage your budget when it comes to your diamond painting passion. Leave a comment down below if you agree or disagree and how you decide where and what kind of DP's you purchase. We recognize that everyone has a different perspective and preference. Depending on your budget you will have to decide what’s most important for you, Dreamer Designs supports your decision and we hope that you will continue to gain value from our posts and YouTube videos whether you are working on a canvas from us or not. After all, we are a community of likeminded and positive painters - And we’re all in this together.


Watch the video by Nataliya here "Budgeting & Expense Management | Diamond Painting 101"

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I think you should partner with loan/finance companies to give your consumers more options. Many folks are on fixed incomes and/or young adults in college barely getting by. Companies such as Klarna, afterpay, Sezzle, QuadPay, & affirm (just to name a few) provide numerous options for those splurge purchases that you can pay back slowly over time or in increments. It can also be a bad thing too which is ‘debt’…I have spent sooo much and have tons just sitting there. What makes it hard is that many companies discontinue a certain DP or run out of stock…that is not easy and not fair for some.

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