17 Diamond Painting Techniques For 2019!

17 Diamond Painting Techniques For 2019!

One of the reasons diamond painting appeals to so many of us is how creative you can be while completing a sparkling masterpiece. Of course the design may already be set, but the way in which each Dreamer goes about completing their canvas, is what makes the process so special. Placing each diamond down doesn’t have to fall flat or be the same for all 32,000 diamonds.

Yes, that’s right. There are 16 drills in a square centimetre, so you multiply the size and then multiply that by 16. So here goes:⁣

Large (50x40)x16 = 32,000 total drills⁣

Small (40x30)x16 = 19,200 total drills⁣

Pretty incredible right? So why not have some extra fun and explore new techniques to diamond paint - after all, it’s going to take you awhile anyways.

Like usual our Diamond Painting 101  course features tips and tricks from a diamond painting expert. In this video, Brand Ambassador Nataliya shares 17 different techniques to get each drill on your premium canvas by Dreamer Designs.

From working by section or by colour, using single or multi-placer stylus pens, checker boarding or diagonal placement - this video has it all. Spice up your diamond painting routine and explore some of the most useful tips and tricks in the DP world.

Let us know in the comments section which is your favourite (or if we missed any!)

Happy Diamond Painting!

Watch the tutorial HERE.

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