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Cost Effective Diamond Painting Frame Technique

Cost Effective Diamond Painting Frame Technique

Framing your diamond paintings does not always have to break the bank. It’s worth framing and displaying your sparkling masterpiece even if it means hunting for cost effective solutions.

With Dreamer Designs, our canvas dimensions fit standard frames which makes finding a ready made option easy. When working with diamond paintings from other sites, dimension can sometimes be tricky as vendors don’t always consider this intention.

Another option is to make up for any size difference with a mat. Often times, adding a white or coloured border layer to your frame can add a luxurious aesthetic to your piece.

Let’s check out how Brand Ambassador Nataliya framed her Forest of Nisene Marks painting:

In this particular example, Natalia found her diamond painting frame at a local yard sale. We encourage you to get creating and play with different framing options that are easy on your budget. The beautiful thing about second hand frames is that your finished piece ends up so much more unique and riddled with charm and character.

Yard sales and flea markets are definitely more common in the warm summer months however you can scour local second hand shops and vintage/antique stores to find the perfect frame to fit your design. If you can’t find something perfect on the shelf, consider restoring an imperfect frame with glue, paint or other craft supplies. Spark your creativity by DIYing the project and seeing what you can come up with.

Other more simple options are to find a frame at the dollar store or your local Walmart.

We hope this post inspires you to display your sparkling diamond paintings in your home! It happens so often that budget friendly framing options turn out so beautifully. We encourage you to try the above mentioned ideas and share your techniques with us in the comments below!

To watch Nataliyas full video, click here: “Cost Effective DP Frame Technique | Diamond Painting 101”

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