Confetti Diamond Painting Hacks

Confetti Diamond Painting Hacks

Do you like confetti? No we don’t mean party confetti! We are talking about the confetti present on diamond paintings. Many of our designs by Ann Marie Bone for example, feature portions full of so many different coloured diamonds and we refer to this as confetti! To find diamond paintings with confetti, search for vibrant and colourful explosions of colour such as floral shrubs, trees and gardens. 

Working on areas of confetti can be trickier than solid coloured spaces as you are constantly having to switch colours and differentiate the small symbols. It will take longer to complete these sections, but the fun you will have is undeniable! Not only will you enjoy the process, the finished product always looks absolutely stunning!

Here on some tips on how to enhance your experience working on confetti:

  1. Decide if you would like to work in sections or by colour.
  2. Working with multiple trays at once can help you save time switching colours. If you have 4 dominant colours in one space, set them all out on individual trays and hop between them to complete your sections!
  3. Keep a limited amount of drills in your trays if you are working with more than one colour so that any spills are not disastrous.
  4. Store your trays in a chocolate box or larger tray to keep them together and avoid spills!
  5. Be sure to label your trays with a sharpie if you are working with multiple colours to avoid confusion during clean up. You can wipe the sharpie off of the tray with rubbing alcohol when you are finished your session.
  6. Use a cover minder to keep your plastic cover away from your work space.
  7. Keep your pets and kids away from your workspace to avoid spills and keep your canvas clean.
  8. If you are painting by colour, keep your tray parallel to the canvas and close to the symbols to ensure you are placing your diamonds down accurately and with the least strain on your wrist.
  9. Take frequent breaks to rest your eyes and stretch your shoulders and back.
  10. Be patient! Confetti takes longer to complete but trust us, its worth the extra time!

Please leave a comment down below if you have any tips or tricks to add while working on areas of confetti. Let us know if you prefer designs with lots of florals and confetti or those that have colour blocked features. At any rate we are sure you are going to love the finished diamond painting!


Watch the video tutorial here: 'Confetti Diamond Painting Hacks | Diamond Painting 101'

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