Brand Ambassadors

Dream Team Ambassadors for Dreamer Designs

First and foremost, our Dream Team Ambassadors are under no obligations. We carefully select enthusiastic diamond paint lovers to join our Dream Team in hopes of creating a positive community where we can all share in our diamond painting experiences and provide value to each other.

Each ambassador who is chosen will receive a complimentary Diamond Canvas Kit™ from Dreamer Designs. Once received, the ball is in your court as to whether you would like to share your honest opinions about our kits. We won’t ever take any offence to constructive criticism, as your feedback will ultimately help improve our kits in the future.

If you are happy with our Diamond Canvas Kits™, here are some examples of how you could share your experiences:

Create first impression, unboxing or paint with me videos to post onto your social media channels.

Post photos of the kits themselves, packaging, WIP (work in progress) or completed diamond canvases.

Share the Dreamer Designs brand and its contents in other diamond painting groups and forums.

Speak out and share your experience in our Dream Team Facebook group and to our support staff.

Our Dream Team ambassadors are specially chosen as brand representatives. Dreamer Designs prides itself on creating a positive environment for all of its community members, including those not associated with an ambassador title. With that being said, we endorse our ambassadors to:

  •    Welcome friends and beginners to the diamond painting community.
  •    Seek to expand our community by spreading awareness either through content or engagement on social media.
  •    Seek to expand our community while attending art related events, fairs and trade shows

Dreamer Designs does not support any negative behaviours or attitudes within the community. We ask that our Dream Team Ambassadors and community:

  •    Always speak kindly to Dream Team community members and never engage in any bullying type of behaviour.
  •    Never engage in any slanderous behaviour toward our brand or products, or toward any other brands in the diamond painting realm for that matter.
  •    Seek direct communication with our support team if any concerns arise.

We recognize the importance of honest and unbiased reviews, and encourage language based on constructive criticism rather than emotionally driven claims or slander.

Our top priority is to nourish a space online that encourages self expression in the form of diamond painting and to share these experiences within the community. We seek to expand the Dream Team to welcome positive souls and create everlasting friendships and connections through ambassadorship. We encourage you to reach out to our support team by sending a direct message on Facebook or Instagram to inquire about any concerns or report any misconduct.

Do you want to become a Dream Team ambassador for Dreamer Designs?

Requirements for application:

  •    Have an extensive passion for diamond painting.
  •    Have an existing social media channel (Facebook, Instagram or Youtube) with diamond painting content. 
  •    Have active followers on your social channels dedicated to diamond painting. We generally require at least 1000 followers on any given channel.
  •    Be skilled in social media and able to effectively communicate information about our brand online.

Do you meet these requirements? If so, please apply below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to you joining our Dream Team and our diamond painting community!