Positive Diamond Painting for Health, Happiness and Family

October 21, 2019

Positive Diamond Painting for Health, Happiness and Family

We all recognize the health benefits of diamond painting and we even wrote a book ‘The Diamond Paint Effect: 8 Reasons Why Diamond Painting Is Great for your health” to prove it! In this video Brand Ambassador Nataliya opens up about her experience with diamond painting and the many ways it has helped her mental health, wellness and family.

Back in 2014 Nataliya was going through a tough time in life. Just as many of us have highs and lows, Natalia fell into a depression. This caused her to put her crafting hobbies on the back burner. She realized that during this time, her lack of desire to do anything or go anywhere started to negatively affect others around her.

She recognized she was not a healthy person on the inside and decided that it was time to change her mindset. She unfollowed the negative people on social media, and unfollowed groups that brought her down with negative news.

One day she purchased three diamond paintings online. As soon as she started doing the paintings, she instantly felt calmer and the sparkles made her feel so happy! Little by little she became more obsessed with the craft and started exercising her creativity. This also inspired her to start her Diamond painting and crafting YouTube Channel to spread her newfound joy and help others as well!

Just by making that first purchase, she changed her life. Diamond Painting has since made a huge difference in her mood and even encouraged her to engage with the diamond paint community online making friends and developing deeper connections. She especially loves to watch DP videos as it helps her feel less lonely as she paints along with her friends virtually.

Not only can diamond painting help you like it helped Nataliya, it can also help your family.  Diamond painting helps children with anger, depression, and anxiety. It increases their creativity and helps balance out their screen time with a healthy hobby. For smaller kids, It can also help with finger and hand dexterity - teaching them how to hold the pen and letting them practice their painting skills.

Diamond Painting is a craft that can be done alongside your family as they participate or even as they simply sit next to you while watching a movie. Its a wonderful activity that can bring your family closer and encourage a creative household.

We invite you to reflect on the ways that diamond painting has helped you and how it can help your loved ones too! Leave a comment down below if Nataliyas story resonates with you. At Dreamer Designs we want to open up the dialogue on mental health and support our community through each unique personal experience.

Watch the video "Positive Diamond Painting for Health, Happiness and Family" here!

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