Keeping Your Diamond Drills Organized

Keeping Your Diamond Drills Organized

Working with thousands of little diamonds can be overwhelming! Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your work space is sparkling clean and well organized.

When it comes to kitting up your diamond canvas kit, there are many options and varying preferences among the Diamond Paint community. With that being said we ensure each of our kits includes enough ziploc baggies so that your diamonds can be easily accessed and well preserved. Watch our Diamond Baggie storage tutorial to learn more about our recommended process here.

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Clear scotch tape
  • Dryer sheet (to reduce any static electricity)
  1. Open a storage ziploc baggie provided (in advance to ensure ease).
  2. Cut off one side of your diamond package.
  3. Pour diamonds into baggie and close ziploc. You can use a square cut piece of a dryer sheet if your drills are sticking to the plastic and rub it along each interior surface.
  4. Cut out the DMC code on the purple strip.
  5. Lay the DMC coded purple piece on top of the baggie facing upwards.
  6. Secure it with a piece of clear plastic by laying it on top.

If you prefer to use a different storage system there are many other options available. For instance you could use restaurant sauce containers. This is a super affordable and easy storage solution. Check out Suzi’s awesome hack here:

If you are looking to spend a bit more to invest in this addicting craft, make like Anna and use bead storage or compartmental containers to stay organized:

 Another tip to keep organized is to glue the DMC drill next to it's corresponding code and symbol on your canvas. I have found this trick to be extremely helpful when searching for the next colour I plan to use. It may seem like a gruelling task but it's worth it and always looks beautiful!

As crafters, we are always looking for the next best hack to improve our skills and provide that extra ‘wow’ factor to every project. By following these tips, you are sure to have the confidence and abilities to achieve your best work yet! It is true that an organized workspace is key to eliminating any added stress or anxieties - leaving your mind free to get lost in the art of diamond painting.

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Check out Nataliya's video here! "Top 10 Diamond Painting Storage Solutions 2019"

Do you have any tips or tricks up your sleeve when it comes to diamond organization? Share them in the comments!

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