How to USE, CLEAN And STORE Your Diamond Painting Tools

How to USE, CLEAN And STORE Your Diamond Painting Tools

Stylus Pens:

Our tool kit comes with two stylus diamond painting pens so that you not only have multiple painting options but you can also paint with a friend! Each pen has the original single diamond placer but we’ve included two multiple head options. A three diamond placer and a six diamond placer. This means that you can work with whichever head you are most comfortable with and can place more than one diamond on your canvas at a time.

Wax caddies:

The wax is included in the tool kit with the intention that you fill up your stylus pen ends with this sticky material so that you can pick up each diamond and place it on the canvas.

We have opted to work with resealable tubs (or ‘caddies’ as we call them) to store our wax. This is a cute and handy way to keep the wax clean and fresh. It also prevents the wax from drying out and hardening too much.

To fill up your stylus pen heads, simply pull back the thin clear cover that is on each side of the wax slab. These plastic covers can be hard to see but you can find an edge and lift it up with your tweezers or if you have long nails. 


Our tweezers are very sharp and sturdy. The high quality ensures precision and ease while in use. Tweezers can be used to straighten out your diamonds or pick up any stray drills. They are also super handy in cleaning out the wax at each end of the pen. For more advanced diamond painters, the tweezers can be used alternatively to your stylus pen to actually do the painting.

Diamond Tray:

Our Diamond tray is necessary for lining up your diamonds. Pour some drills into the tray and shake the tray side to side to shuffle the pieces around. The ridges ensure that the diamonds will line up in perfect rows making it easier to place your diamonds on the canvas precisely on their corresponding symbol. To ensure that the diamonds do not spill out of the spout, use a finger to cover the opening or stick a ball of wax to close it up.

Storing your Tool Kit:

If you would like to keep your pens fresh and clean, the best way to store them is to use something that covers each end. You can place a small baggies over each end and secure it with an elastic band. You can also use plastic cling wrap. Just be careful to keep any cling wrap away from the adhesive to avoid disaster. You could also place your tool kit in a larger plastic ziplock bag or pencil case.

Check out Nataliya's video here! "How to USE, CLEAN And STORE Your Diamond Painting Tools"

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Rose Getz

Rose Getz

Wax dried out and beads won’t stick to pen. Can the wax work again

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