Finished Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks

Finished Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks

Okay so you have spent upwards of 20-40 hours on your Dreamer Designs Diamond Painting and it is now FINISHED! The level of satisfaction is at its peak, so what’s next? Don’t be so quick to start a new painting, Natalia has some great tips and finishing steps post painting.

  1. Check for pet hair, dust, dirt or fibres with a magnify glass. Be sure to do a once over sweep to ensure the sparkle is at its brightest. A canvas sitting out for that many days, weeks or months is sure to collect its share of debris.
  2. Use a light board or hold your canvas up to the light to detect any missing drills. Empty squares here and there can be easily overlooked as they blend in and the symbols can be hard to catch solo. Fill the space in as needed.
  3. Use a rolling pin or other round item to roll over top the canvas and push down any angled drills. The spaces are so tight and it’s a good idea to secure those drills onto the glue. Plus, the accompanying clicking sounds are ultra satisfying!
  4. Use a straight edge to line up your drills. This is much easier with round diamonds but its a great tip for perfecting the edges of your square paintings too!
  5. If you are working on a diamond painting from another brand or company you may run into a common frustration and that is: Popping Drills. This occurs when there isn’t adequate space on the canvas pattern for all of the diamonds or if you are working on a canvas that has air bubbles or creases in the glue. Learn more about popping drills here: ‘Top 5 Diamond Paint Frustrations’ To fix popping drills on other paintings, you can take the extra time to seal the canvas with resin or hodge podge.
  6. Our last tip is to frame your paintings and display them in your home with pride! We have plenty of blog posts and videos on our YouTube channel with ideas on how you can personalize and create a unique frame for your paintings.


And remember! Dreamer Designs provides a lifetime warranty on all of our Diamond Canvases!

Check out the video here: "Finished Canvas Tips and Tricks | Diamond Painting 101"

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