Top 10 Diamond Storage Solutions of 2019

August 30, 2019

Top 10 Diamond Storage Solutions of 2019

Are you looking for beautiful and cost effective ways to store your diamonds? Nataliya a.k.a. LoveCraftForever gives us her top 10 diamond drill storage ideas at every price point! You are bound to gain inspiration from her beautifully organized collection of Diamond Paintings and drills.

1. Use the plastic bags included in your Diamond Canvas Kit. You should have enough bags to cover all of your diamond DMC colours. All you have to do is cut the diamond bag and pour it into the resealable ziploc bags provided. Beware of static drills and use a dryer sheet throughout the process to help eliminate any sticking or bouncing drills. 

2. Use a narrow storage bin from the dollar store to organize your plastic baggies. Order them in numerical order to make finding the right DMC code ultra quick and convenient.

3. Sauce containers from a local restaurant or dollar store can be a great storage solution for your diamonds. They don't take up too much space and can be labelled with a sharpie on top. To remove written DMC codes, simply rub it with alcohol and re-label as per your legend. 

4. Round twist off snack containers work wonders if you have the extra space to store your diamonds

5. Opt for a square snap lid container if preferred. Check out your local dollar store to see what your options are. 

6. Pill boxes can be a great way to keep your diamonds together. The only down side is you will need to be extra careful each compartment is full closed before pouring one colour out. 

7. Beading craft containers are ultra convenient but more on the pricey end. 

8. Prescription pill containers are another option that allows you to re-use the inevitable plastic from medications.

9. Place your prescription containers into a spice rack for optimal crafting space.

10. Use a binder and plastic inserts to organize your collection of diamonds. This can be a beautiful way to sort out your colours and diamonds from various companies. 

We hope you enjoyed discovering new ways to store your diamonds for every budget. Check out Nataliyas youtube video on this in our Diamond Painting 101 series.

"Click here to WATCH the Top 10 Diamond Painting Storage Solutions of 2019"

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