Top 5 Diamond Paint Frustrations

Top 5 Diamond Paint Frustrations

Gapping Diamonds:

Gapping refers to spaces left between the diamonds on your canvas. These can be very slight or very obvious depending how carefully you place our diamonds onto their corresponding space. Our Dreamer Designs canvases have been calculated exactly to fit the size of our diamonds therefore any gapping you experience on our kits is a result of your placement of the diamonds. Gapping is best avoided by using your single diamond placer pen. This allows you the most control and precision while painting. Using a multiplayer can cause gapping because of the way your diamonds are picked up. If the diamonds are not lined up precisely on your tray, your multiplayer will grab crooked diamonds ultimately placing these drills in a messy way. Multi-placers can cause spaces not only in how you pick the diamonds up but also how you place them down. The edges of your multiplayer can press against the existing rows of diamonds and further cause gapping.

Popping Diamonds:

At Dreamer Designs we have never had a complaint or experienced popping drills on our canvases. This is due to our perfectly mapped designs that leave the precise amount of space for each diamond on our patterns. Not only this but our poured DreamTech Adhesive eliminates the chance of any air bubbles or creases that could cause popping diamonds.  We also roll our diamond canvases around a foam roller to prevent any creases or folds. If you are working on a diamond painting from another company and experiencing popping drills, be sure to watch the youtube video at the bottom of this post. Nataliya has some great tips and tricks to help solve your popping drill frustrations.

Diamond Drill Quality:

At Dreamer Designs we are so proud of our diamonds. Our brand has been recognized in the community as manufacturing the most sparkling drills available! However we recognize that not every diamond painting you complete will be from Dreamer Designs. This is why we have included some tips and tricks on how you can clean your diamonds in this video. Find the link at the bottom of this post!

Missing Diamonds:

Have you ever been midway through or worse - almost finished a painting only to realize that you are missing diamonds!? Although we include 20% more diamonds than you need to complete your kits, manufacturing millions of diamonds means that there can be some errors. This is very rare for Dreamer Designs however we do everything in our power to rectify these situations as soon as possible. We are quick to send out any missing diamonds no questions asked.

Adhesive Concerns:

Just as we mentioned above we are very proud of our DreamTech Adhesive. We offer a lifetime warranty FREE with all of our Diamond Canvas Kit Purchases to further show our confidence in our adhesive. We guarantee that your diamonds will stay on your canvas. We even encourage you to skip any sealing processes you may use for other paintings. Our canvases do not require sealant and in fact we discourage the use of Hodge Podge or any other sealing product as most often it will diminish the sparkling effect of our diamonds. If you have any concerns with the glue on the canvas you are working on, check out the video to get some tips and tricks below.


Watch Nataliya’s video here! “Top 5 Diamond Paint Frustrations”

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