Choosing the right Diamond Painting for you!

Choosing the right Diamond Painting for you!

Nataliya (aka LoveCraftForever) gives you the ins and outs of choosing the best Diamond Painting for you! There is so much to learn and we hope to have answered all of your questions! Leave a comment below if you learned something new or have anything to add! 

Which size canvas should I choose?

If you have never diamond painted and you are wanting to see if you enjoy this craft - we suggest starting with a small 30x40cm painting. You won’t want to go any smaller than this dimension especially if it is a detailed design you are looking to complete. With that being said, larger canvases convey more detail. If you are a DP lover and looking for your next project - bigger is always better!

Dreamer Designs size dimension comparison

Something to be aware of is that many online retailers for diamond paintings do not specify the difference between design size and canvas size. This means that although you have ordered a certain dimension, the border and non-painting area may not be disclosed. At Dreamer Designs, our dimensions specify the area you will actually paint! 

How long does it take to complete a canvas?

Depending on size and your experience level, our diamond paintings can take up to 30 or 40 hours to complete! Now that is days on end of guaranteed fun!

What is confetti?

When looking at potential designs, you may want to pick one with more or less confetti - meaning areas with many colours in a given space - producing a confetti effect of multi coloured sparkle!

Square Diamonds Vs. Round Diamonds

At Dreamer Designs we only carry square shaped diamonds for all of our paintings. We prefer square over round as they fill up the entire pace rather than leave corners empty. We think square drills lend a more luxurious look despite them taking more time to finish.

I am worried about popping drills with square diamonds

Popping diamonds can be such a pain in the neck! We assure you that you will never experience this issue with Dreamer Designs. We have made sure that our patterns and drill size match up. Not only this but we roll our canvases around a foam roller to ensure they are not damaged in the box or during shipping and handling. This is important a creasing in the glue can be a big factor for popping drills on other canvases. 

What is the difference between Full vs. Partial Diamond Paintings?

We only offer full diamond paintings meaning the entire design is made up of diamonds. A partial canvas means that only certain aspects of your design will have dedicated diamond spaces. 

Which canvas material is best?

Dreamer Designs canvases are mane from 100% fabric! Our initial version I made up of Woven polyester whereas most other companies have a canvas made up of majority paper and plastic materials. Working with a full fabric canvas lends more flexibility and durability. It also feels a lot nicer and more luxurious to work with. Paper or plastic canvases can crease more easily leaving glue messes and popping drills.

Which design should I choose?

This part of the process is completely up to you! We have many Dreamer community members who pick their designs based on sentimental value and many that are just drawn to certain colours and elements. One thing to remember when choosing your designs to purchase is to think what you will do with them once they’ve been completed. Will you hang them in your home or give it as a gift? This will influence your design choice.

Now that you know how to choose the right design, learn why Dreamer Designs canvas kits are not your average diamond painting kit.

Check out Nataliya's video here! "Choosing The Best Diamond Painting For YOU!"

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