She Said What?! Beginner Diamond Painting Terminology

She Said What?! Beginner Diamond Painting Terminology

What is ‘WIP’?

W-I-P Stands for Work In Progress. This term is used to explain that a canvas has been started but is in the developing phases and so not yet finished. It is a project that is currently being worked in.

PR Unboxing

PR Stands for “Product Review” and Unboxing is the action of opening up a new Diamond Painting kit. So put them together and it is a video topic all about reviewing a new diamond painting kit.

DMC Surprise

DMC is the system we use for identifying the colours of diamonds. Although originally meant to identify the colours of embroidery thread - we now use this system for diamonds as well. Each coloured diamond corresponds to a DMC numerical code. What most don’t know is that DMC stands for “DOLLFUS-MIEG & Compagnie” The name of the factory that created this system.


This is a flat electric powered light that makes diamond painting easier on the eyes. It helps in identifying the symbols and creating more ease to diamond painting. This tool can be placed underneath your diamond painting so that it shines up and highlights the spaces yet to be filled.

Special Drills - AB Diamonds

These are diamonds that have a special reflective surface to them. They are often iridescent and more sparkly than your average diamonds due to the layer of film added to the top.


Confetti refers to areas of your canvas that have many many different colours in a given area. We call it confetti because it is an explosion of colour. These areas on the canvas usually correspond to things like gardens and trees where more colours add dimension to the design. These areas can take longer to paint because it requires you to constantly change the colours you are working with.


Each Diamond Canvas Kit comes with a tool kit that features multi-placer attachments. These are bits of the plastic pens that enable you to pick up and place more than one diamond at a time. We have a three placer and a six placer in our kits and they help you cover more area in a quicker amount of time.

Canvas Materials

Depending on the company you order your painting from, you are like to be working with a different canvas material. Not all companies feature the same canvas so it is important to select a company of high quality to ensure you have an enjoyable diamond painting experience. Our Dreamer Designs Canvases are made from 100% fabric but may other companies use paper or plastic blends which cause an array of frustrations.

DP Wax

The pink pieces of wax in your kit are used to fill each end of your diamond painting pens. It is the substance that gets the drills to stick on the pen so that you may transfer them to the corresponding place on your canvas. This wax is a necessity for an effortless painting experience. Our wax comes in two resealable wax pot containers so that you can keep your wax clean and fresh.


This simply means ‘Thank-You’


This term is commonly used in YouTube comments on videos featuring tips and tricks. It means ‘Thanks For Sharing’


Be Right Back!

That's it! If you liked our diamond painting terminology guide, check our step-by-step diamond painting instructions perfect for beginners!

Check out Nataliya's video here! "She Said What?! Beginner Diamond Painting Terminology"

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